Pro-Strength Extreme Performance Engine Treatment (XPET)

Nulon Pro-Strength Extreme Performance Engine Treatment is a performance engine oil treatment designed to maximise power in street and modified engines by reducing the friction of contacting metal surfaces. The high tech Moly DTc formula actively creates a low friction sacrificial barrier immediately when metal on metal contact occurs and Moly DTc molecules within the engine oil treatment continuously replenish this high strength barrier as it depletes.  The reduction of internal engine friction reduces metal wear and heat, promoting efficiency and maximising engine power.

Pack sizes

  • Dramatically reduces the friction properties of any engine oil
  • Reduces internal metal on metal wear
  • Slows down the depletion of other anti-wear additives such as zinc
  • Provides superior cold start protection
  • Suitable for both petrol and diesel engine oils
  • Compatible with full synthetic, semi synthetic and mineral engine oils
DIRECTIONS FOR USE:  Warm engine to normal operating temperature and stop engine. Shake bottle and add contents to engine oil. For best results add when replacing with new engine oil. Restart engine to circulate formula, i.e idle for 15 minutes or go for a drive. If car is driven under sustained load or high stress then re-apply halfway between oil changes.
Car Engines 1 Bottle
Trucks & 4WD 1 Bottle per 6 litres sump capacity

CAUTION: Do not reuse container for any other purpose.

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